Family Owned for 3 Generations.

It was 1975 when Al and Dorothy Kahler, along with their 3 sons, decided to open their own Beauty Supply Company.  They had humble beginnings starting off their company in their garage in Denver, Colorado.  Over the years they were able to grow into an office front and eventually add on a full warehouse and class room.  They were considered industry visionaries with their rapid growth and industry related know how.  By 1987 they grew into the number 1 per capita distributor in the United States for many professional hair care brands.  

After experiencing health complications due to industry related exposure to chemicals such as ammonia, Al Kahler lost the fight to COPD in 2007.  Son, Ken Kahler thought about getting out of the beauty industry after this loss.  It was then that the third generation, Ken Kahler's son and daughter; Donovan and Brittany Kahler decided that they could not leave Al's legacy behind.  

Knowing that innovative products existed in the beauty industry that no longer contained harmful chemicals like ammonia, Brittany and Donovan pushed forward in the beauty industry.  

It was in 2008 that Ken, Donovan, and Brittany re-opened as International Beauty & Supply in hopes of offering beauty professionals health conscious alternatives to traditional salon products.

International Beauty & Supply is a proud distributor of Faipa's ammonia free alternatives to hair color and lighteners.  Later, they decided to represent organic lines such as ABBA and Hempz Couture.  They completed the regimen by partnering with T3 appliances - whose tools offer conditioning effects making it healthier on your hair for you to blow dry, than to air dry.  

International Beauty & Supply is proud of all of the products that they offer.  They are proud to continue the legacy that Al and Dorothy Kahler left behind, as visionaries in the vastly evolving hair care industry.  And they are proud to remain a family owned and operated company.

40 years.  3 generations.  1 vision.